Original Weedlers™

Crafting Single Source

The modulation effects of this plant on our bodies when grown and processed with care is one of the earth's greatest gifts... we are grateful to do what we do!

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Inspire yourself!

What do you think sunshine tastes like?

There are many flavors we have found- the terpene taste in our products are made BY the plant working WITH the plant to create that desired synergy or entourage effect we all strive for...

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See for yourself! Join the many who have had the opportunity... Are you experienced?!

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We grow connoisseur flowers

Always organic. Always pure- no salts, no synthetics. Greenhouse life with the open air to boost!
MINDFUL USE OF CANNABIS can provide under-appreciated WELLNESS BENEFITS such as:
“…Extending patience, promoting gentleness and forgiveness, inspiring creativity, improving the appetite and enjoyment of food, making jokes funnier and sex more satisfying, enhancing our sense of play and wonder, and countless other ways of making us both healthier and happier.” - Steve DeAngelo