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  • "So much loud coming out of these jars of, it's truly unreal!! I've only really found a small handful of companies that blow my mind on such a level every single time! 🔥💦⛽️"
  • "This is a standout, indica-leaning, earthy-vanilla punch of an extract. A cerebral face mask of relaxation meets an extreme analgesic body high. Dirty Arm is still without a doubt some of my favorite LR that I've had in the PNW. You CANNOT beat how clean this is, and their entire library of live resin holds this A++ consistency. 💪🏽" (Mendobreath)
  • "If you don’t know, you need to live resin is one of the best tasting and smelling product you can consume. I call it weed caviar. If you’re balling out for a special occasion, or you just prefer quality over quantity, this is it!"
  • "Terp alert ! 🍋🔥🍋🔥🍋🔥🍋🔥 this #lemontree from taste #terptastic !!!!"
  • "Jack Herer live resin by Dirty Arm Farm 😭 so good you'll think you're dabbing in heaven. A delightful skunky citrus with cheesy afternotes compliment a resounding head high with no lethargy to speak of. 🚫😴 A great one to start the day with, I only wish there was more to go around!"
  • Damn this Dogwalker has me feeling amazing. The flavor just leaves me wanting one more dab. Bravo!

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"This is amazing live resin. I hate chemical aftertaste and this is so pure.
I dabbed at a lower heat to get all the flavors. Very intense cerebral punch,
then a happy, relaxed high." FATTYMCH Review on Weedmaps

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