Lean Back Sizurp 1oz Bottles

Lean Back Sizurp 1oz Bottles

Lean Back Sizurp™

Infused Cannabis Drink, perfectly blended premium-quality single-serve beverage!

We are happy to introduce this innovative cocktail into the Oregon cannabis market- a perfectly mixed one of a kind cannabis drink you can enjoy as a stand alone or pour up into a carbonated beverage or juice to make your own mixed drink.  

Our cannabis drink does not contain alcohol, however, it does contain the finest medical grade cannabis distillate from Dirty Arm Farm award winning extractions!

With Cannabis becoming a more main stream phenomenon and several studies claiming about the health benefits it has to offer, a number of people are delighted by the idea of a pourable version which contains the finest Cannabis. Unlike the conventional alcoholic drinks which may cause hangover, the cannabis cocktail has been reported to provide energy to the body, help in increasing focus and creativity, uplift moods, relive headaches and migraines as well as soothe pain.

Benefits of Dirty Arm Farm Cannabis Cocktails:

  • Discrete dosing
  • Easy to ingest
  • Measured dose
  • Delicious

*All products are 3rd party LAB tested for quality control. 

*Products are available in 30mL size for recreational patients and 30mL and 120mL for medicinal patients.

*All bottles have Childproof/Child Resistant Caps.

*Currently available in Grape and Cherry Flavors.

Our cannabis lean back sizurp™ is a beverage which can be carried around while traveling, taken out to a picnic, shared at a party, or can be simply enjoyed at home. All that’s necessary is to “Chill” then pour its gleaming contents over the rocks or into a beverage of your choice for an instant treat!