Orange Logo Hat
September 4, 2019
14mm Quartz Glass Banger
September 4, 2019

10mm Quartz Banger


American made Quartz banger!


Featuring the all over Dirty Arm Farm logo- these Quartz Bangers with rounded bottoms offer optimal dab flavor for the low temp dabbing technique. A quartz banger requires the use of a butane torch or enail setup and make a great upgrade to any oil rig or vapor tube. Made of 100% pure American quartz these nails offer proper heat retention and air flow when paired with a compatible fitting carb cap. Being that quartz is purer than traditional glass, quartz bangers and vapor slides have a higher burning temperature making them a superior choice over other glass and titanium dabbing nails.

*Please request the 45 degree angle if you would prefer that (super limited) otherwise standard is a 90 degree angle*