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March 27, 2018
Adropinol™ – Live Resin Sublingual
January 3, 2017

Adabinol™ Cannabis Syrup

Welcome to a high quality cannabis infused syrup we call Adabinol™. Available in THC (black bottle) or CBD (white bottle) varieties in the flavors of Grape, Cherry, Blood Orange, Watermelon, Oregon Peach, and Mango. Given 19.5 out of 20 stars by Oregon Leaf review in March of 2016, this on point flavored syrup mixes well and helps the medicine go down! Great tasting and easy to enjoy.

"Now I usually don’t go for edibles, they never really do much and I feel most are over priced for being mostly the lowest grade distillate allowable😖 HOWEVER this Adabinol by @dirty.arm.farm is on a different level; it’s no ordinary edible/drinkable."

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What makes it Special:

Adabinol™ - Cannabinoid Syrup
More about the product...

W e are happy to provide this innovative syrup- a perfectly mixed one of a kind cannabis liquid you can enjoy by the teaspoon alone or pour into a carbonated beverage or juice to make a mixed drink of your choice.

Adabinol™ is a Live Resin Infused Cannabis syrup- a perfectly blended premium quality liquid cannabinoid and terpene combination that is easy to dose. It doesn't stick to your cup and mixes well into many beverages. It is highly absorbable and effects are almost immediately felt.

Our cannabis syrup provides NanoEnhanced delivery so it is more bioavailable to the body. As soon as it enters the mouth absorption begins within the mucosal tissue. Our syrup is free from the glycerine base other companies rely on. It does however contain the finest medical grade cannabis from Dirty Arm Farm award winning decarboxylated live resin extractions! As far as we know we are the ONLY product on the market in Oregon using live resin in this way so therefore the only company providing the entourage of terpenes and cannabis.

With Cannabis becoming a main stream phenomenon and several studies claiming about the health benefits it has to offer, a number of people are delighted by the idea of an alternative to smoking- a pourable version which contains the finest THC & CBD.

Our cannabis Adabinol™ syrup is a liquid tincture which can be carried around while traveling, taken out to a picnic, shared at a party, or can be simply enjoyed at home. All that’s necessary to “Chill” is to measure out its gleaming contents to enjoy alone or add to a beverage of your choice for an instant treat!

We have received so many wonderful reviews of our Adabinol and look forward to sharing more with you on this page...

*Currently available in Grape, Blood Orange, Cherry, Watermelon, Oregon Peach, and Mango Flavors.

Benefits of Dirty Arm Farm Cannabis Cocktails:

  • Discrete Ingestion
  • No smoking Required
  • Measured Dose
  • Easy to Enjoy Socially
  • Delicious!