Original Weedlers™

  • Started out as a family venture in the Applegate Valley. Had our two sons on our farm and the livin was easy.
  • Developed Adropinol formula for a child with Cerebral Palsey. Came out with Sizurp (high THC syrup) and Adabinol (high CBD syrup) products...
  • Won the peoples choice Dope Cup 2015 for Live Resin in category with most entries. Started getting more reviews and articles written about products and processes.
  • Won the runner up Dope Cup 2016 Live Resin category and 1st place for CBD concentrate.
  • Moved to a farm in the town of Ashland to raise our kids and expand to a recognized business.
  • Participating in the building of a beautiful vision with all the joys and challenges expansion can bring!

*happy to grace the cover of the Oregon Leaf way back in May 2016

"We are growing craft strains that discerning connoisseurs will come back for."

Superior Product

By getting to choose our strains intimately and grow them as we know they like, we get to process right at the moment when they are ready.

Single Source

From plant to processed extract and sometimes from there to finished edible- the true definition of single source!

Organic Ethics

No chlorinated water, no premixed bottled nutrients- we keep it pure and keep it healthy.

Farming with the next generations in mind...

We value the tradition of growing organically

Located in the heart of Southern Oregon in the sweet southern most town of Ashland Oregon we utilize a triple peak gutter connect high-tech greenhouse to grow you the best of the best medicines. We don't use chlorinated water and we don't believe in the use of synthetic nutrients or salts which are prevalent on many farms today. These are not necessary and not beneficial for those consuming. We do prefer plants to have access to real sunshine! A tomato grown with sun will always taste different than one with only artificial inputs... just us but that is how we like it!

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Quality in makes Quality out!

Experience the gift of living cannabis and craft processing- elemental.